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"Truffle is the food for kings, gods and pigs"

Antonio Carluccio, The late, great, king of Italian cooking. Following winter across the world Verduno Australia bring the best truffles from Australia, Italy, Spain and France to discerning truffle connoisseurs. Verduno is now the premier truffle purveyor in Australia.


Local Truffle

Australia is now one of the leading truffle producers in the world, with produce being sought after by the top restaurants of Europe. Verduno Australia works with many different farms across Australia. From Tasmania to Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.

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European Black Truffle

While most Spanish truffle used to find its way over the border to France to be sold in the truffle markets of Paris and beyond, now Spanish truffle stands on its own as the leader in European truffle.


European White Truffle

The diamond of the truffle world.
Not only for its incredible flavour
and aroma but also the price it
demands. Sourced from truffle
hunters in the Alba and Tuscan
areas of Italy, the white truffle
season is a rollercoaster of
"'emotions riding the pheromones
of the most exclusive truffle on


About an hour's drive away from the town of Bordeaux in the South of France lies the aquaculture and caviar production site, Prunier. The Prunier Farm can be found in the luscious landscape of the Dordogne, idyllically situated on the River Isle. Here, about 150,000 sturgeon call Montpon-Ménestérol, a town in the county of Gironde, their home. They live in large pools connected through an open water circuit to the River Isle


Verduno Australia carefully selects its partners in the Australian meat industry. There are high expectations on animal husbandry and criteria around all animals used for production of meat. Verduno Australia looks for partners in the industry that do not use palm oil in feed and utilise no growth hormones in their animals. The use of antibiotics must be limited to animals that require it on a case-by-case basis and they must have a quarantine system established for these animals before returning them to the herd.

Jack's Creek

Jack's Creek is proud to be a family owned and operatedAustralian business run by the Warmoll family. In the late1940's John Francis Warmoll (Jock), along with his wife,started IF Warmoll & Co.

Australian Meat Group - Grass Fed Victorian Beef

The Australian Meat Group was founded by Joe Catalfamo and Gilbert Cabral in 2013. AMG's highly limited and exclusive Southern Ranges beef is selected from only genetically superior Angus and Hereford breeds, grazed in the rich, green pastures of Gippsland in Victoria. This region is internationally renowned for its ideal climate, and consistently producing high quality cattle

Gooralie Free Range Pork

Breeding pigs that are born and raised free range, Cooralie raise their pigs with the highest animal welfare standards in Australia. A single location and family owned from"'003, this brand delivers some of the most delicious pork in Australia.

Game Farm

Game Farm has been serving Australia with quality meat for over 40 years. With the passion we have for our products, you can be sure you will receive quality meat each and every time.

Wollemi Duck

Farming stunning Alysbury cross Peking ducks, Wollemi ducks sets the standard for production of the best duck in Australia. Based in Tennyson NW and delivering fresh ducks weekly to Verduno Australia.

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